Baby Portrait photos are cute   keepsakes, but videos help you remember and share those special moments and bring them to life.


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What is Baby Videography?

You have been thinking about getting professionally taken baby photos. Baby Videography is a lot like baby photography, but it goes beyond a snap shot of your child.

Proud Daddy Moments takes kids photography to the next level by capturing not just beautiful images, but the atmosphere, sounds, and natural behaviours of your child in a video that you can share and help you remember the moments in perfect clarity, now and in the future.

Baby Videography is a about creating a keepsake and an audio-visual time capsule of your children, or family for ever.
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Baby Photography Melbourne

Welcome to Proud Daddy Moments, one of the most popular choices for baby portrait photography in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane.

As parent ourselves, we appreciate the importance of catching those precious little moments in a child’s life as they grow up so fast and our aim is to help parents capture the special moments in the lives of their little one(s).

Baby photographs really mean something

Ask almost any parent and they will tell you the most difficult thing about being a parent is your kids grow up way too fast.

That's what makes holding onto those memories of our kids so special and so important. They only have one childhood, and it seems to last such a short time from our point of view. Of course when you're a kid, you just want to be a grown up as quick as possible. It's only when we're older most of us learn how great it is to be a kid.

So make sure you don't miss a moment, and remember to record all those important memories and occasions.

Proud Daddy gives you the best in baby photography in Melbourne, and other major cities

Everyone loves to have a professional portrait photo as a keepsake, and for the best baby portrait photography in Melbourne, head to Proud Daddy.

There's a reason why you want a dedicated Melbourne baby photographer and not just anyone to do this job.

Regular photographers certainly may have skills, and of course there are varying degrees of skill between individuals, but only somebody experienced in baby photography should be booked for your baby photo shoot in Melbourne.

Photographing babies requires many talents

Those who specialise in photographing babies need to have additional skills beyond simply photographic skills. Being able to take good photos is indeed a skill that can take a long time to master, but there is definitely a lot more to baby photography. Melbourne parents should always choose a specialist like Proud Daddy.

The additional skills include:

  • Having a calming influence
  • Knowing how to attract the baby's attention
  • Setting up safe conditions for baby photography
  • Being able to stay calm and professional in all circumstances

These skills are very important for any baby photographer in Melbourne, especially the last one. You need someone who can keep it together when your little bundle of joy decides it's time to have a good old crying session.

Feeling comfort and safety makes a huge difference

While it's rare for kids to truly go spare, it's not uncommon for some children to get a bit stressed out when they're in an unfamiliar environment.

That's why experienced baby photographers are the best choice. They can remain calm and also know many strategies to help the baby overcome any fear and worry they're feeling.

When a baby is relaxed and happy, the result is beautiful photography and videography, where your child is the centre of attention. So get the best from your baby photography sessions by hiring us for this important occasion.

Choosing to get professional baby photos in Melbourne is always a good choice.

We’ll capture your little one so that you’ll have memories of when they were teeny tiny and everything in the world was so new to them.

Our goal is to provide the kind of baby photographer Melbourne service that parents can afford without having to compromise on the quality of the shoot and the pictures taken.

Book A Baby Photo Shoot in Melbourne

We’re all about keeping things natural here at Proud Daddy Moments. While we can photograph some staged shots, we believe that capturing candid photos of your baby is the most ideal way to seize their essence, and their personalities in a unique and special way.

You can give the photo shoot a little extra dimension and some more personality by including your baby’s favourite soft toy or blanket as doing so will make for some treasured baby portraits in Melbourne.

Baby photography Melbourne prices can vary wildly from photographer to photographer and here at Proud Daddy Moments, we aim to provide an affordable service without compromising on quality.  

We have put together a number of different packages, which suit all requirements and all budgets, making our exceptional Melbourne baby photography service accessible to all.

Baby Photography - How does it work?

Our baby portrait photography Melbourne sessions can take place in your home or at any other location that is more convenient for you.

Just choose a day and time that will fit in with your schedule and that of your baby’s. You know their routine best so choose a day and time that you think their cooperation and willingness to participate will be at its best.

A happy baby will make the job easier for all parties but we can work with your little one too should he/she be under the weather.

Once the session is over, we will get working on your pictures as quickly as possible so you are not waiting with anticipation for too long. As well as the photos you choose as prints, we also provide you with a DVD of all the shots taken for you to keep.

This will give you the opportunity to re-print them as many times as you like for friends and family members.

Great skills and affordable prices

In addition to being highly skilled photographers and excellent with kids, Proud Daddy also offers amazing rates on baby photography prices in Melbourne. That’s just one more reason among many others to make Proud Daddy your number one choice.

Have a question? Get In Touch with Melbourne's Best Baby Photographer

For a Melbourne baby photographer that will produce stills and video memories of your baby that you can treasure forever, give us a call on 0466726522 today.

We’re happy to answer any questions that you’ve got so don’t be shy in reaching out.

Proud Daddy Moments specialises in baby photography, baby videography, kid's photography, newborn photography, children's photography and family photography in Melbourne.
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What makes
Proud Daddy Moments

  • We are a dedicated baby videography service, with a background in Video-art and Documentary
  • We find stories and document lives
  • While we can do photography, we find video documentaries a whole lot more enriching and satisfying.
  • The copyrights to the video is yours to keep, and we will not hold you ransom for more copies or if you want a digital file. All we ask is for your permission to use the videos to promote our service to others like you.
  • We will provide you with a beautiful video album of the video that you can use to share the video with your friends and family without a computer.
The Video album

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