Francis Yim

As a proud daddy of 2 beautiful daughters, I have had the opportunity to see my eldest's first steps, first word, dropping her first tooth, etc... and I count myself incredibly blessed to witness these moments in person.

If rare things are expensive, then these moments are priceless.

Proud to be part of your lives, even for a moment

So for my youngest, I made a pledge to capture all these precious moments and many others like these so that it can be a tangible documentation of my memories of things that will never happen again.

It is this epiphany that led me to believe that I can't be the only one out there who thinks like this. So I've decided to use my skills to help parents capture and store these proud moments on video.

While I cannot be there for every event in every child's life, I hope that I can have the opportunity to just share at least one of these proud moments in a family's life and make it a lasting memory on video for a the parents forever.