What is Baby Videography?

You have been thinking about getting professionally taken baby photos, or newborn or first birthday photos for your child. Baby Videography is a lot like baby photography, but it goes beyond a snap shot of your child.

Proud Daddy Moments takes kids photography to the next level by capturing not just beautiful images, but the atmosphere, sounds, and natural behaviours of your child in a video that you can share and help you remember the moments in perfect clarity, now and in the future.

Baby Videography is a about creating a keepsake and an audio-visual time capsule of your children, or family for ever.

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Childrens, Kids & Baby Videography

The Best Children's Videography in Melbourne

When your children came into your life, I’m sure you were told by other mums and dads how quickly the time would fly by and that you should enjoy every minute when they are small because it would be gone in a blink of an eye. Sound familiar? If so, you’ll know how true this statement is. 

Proud Daddy Moments was founded for this very reason. Francis is a father of two and he created the company to help parents capture special moments in the lives of their little one(s) and treasure those special times forever. 

High Quality Kids Videography for All Ages

Proud Daddy Moments offers a baby and children’s videography service that records your child’s big moments, creating lifelong videos to capture those precious moments. We specialise in the creation of beautiful baby videos and children’s videos for all occasions. 

With a background in Video Art and Documentary, Proud Daddy Moments provides high quality baby videography services and kids videography services, allowing parents to have a tangible record of their children’s pivotal life moments.

Proud Daddy Moments can provide newborn baby videos to celebrate your baby’s arrival into the world as well as 1st birthday videos and cake smash videos. Whatever moments of your child’s life that you would like to record, we are the most trusted baby video maker for parents in Melbourne and beyond. 

Children's, Kids, Baby's Videography - How It Works

When it comes to making kids videos, we can shoot at your home, at a location of your choice or in our studio. We’re totally flexible so the location of the shoot will be planned based on your preferences. 

Each videography session lasts about 3 hours and once the session is finished, we will send you a preview video for you to watch and comment on before we begin the editing process. 

Following that, you will receive a digital copy of your video as well as a video album that you can share online and in person with your friends and family. 

If you had a photo-shoot previously done, Proud Daddy Moments can also turn these shots into a beautiful video presentation that you can keep for yourself or give as a thoughtful and unique gift to a loved one.

The Best Baby Videographer Available

Remember and share precious moments with your family with high clarity children’s videography from Proud Daddy Moments. Our professional kids videography will bring your special memories to life in a way that still photographs simply can’t. 

Whether you want to document moments from your new-born baby’s first few days of life, create a video to celebrate your little one’s first birthday or you want to preserve the memories of your child’s big moments, our children’s videos will capture the occasion perfectly. 

What is children’s videography? 

Unlike still photographs, our kid’s videos go beyond ordinary snapshots of your child’s life. They’re living, moving mementoes that not only capture images of your precious family, but capture the atmosphere, the sounds and the natural movements of your child as they pass those special milestones or take part in everyday activities. 

Moments that can be shared now and forever with your loved ones, and which will accurately represent your child at the age they were when the video was taken. 

A children’s video maker that specialises in capturing the moments you never want to forget

Having a new baby in the family is a wonderful time. Our professional baby video maker is an expert in creating newborn baby videos so you can look back on that time and remember exactly how special it was. As your baby grows, we can capture their first walking escapades, their first birthday, those joyful moments when they’re introduced to their grandparents. 

The content of our beautiful high-quality baby videography is all down to what you would like to preserve as a lasting family keepsake. It’s your choice. 

High quality children’s videos from a kids video maker who knows all about being a parent 

Time with your children is precious, but sometimes it seems to go by too fast. With our children’s and baby videos, you’ll have a lasting permanent memory of your children’s life that you can treasure forever. And, with a professional video maker in charge of the camera, you’ll always be guaranteed high quality video footage. 

Each video session lasts around 3 hours.We then begin the story telling process through editing with music and graphics. You will have a chance to preview the video and comment before we deliver the final video. Once your video is complete, we’ll send you a digital copy of your video together with a video album that you can share online or in person. 

Book your children’s video with Proud Daddy Moments 

If you’d like some inspiration for the content of your baby and kid’s videos, check out our gallery where you can see some of the children we’ve already captured on film.  

To book your videography session, contact us on 0466726522 or via our online contact form. We can shoot our videos at your home, at a location of your choice or you can come to our videography studio in Melbourne.

Contact Melbourne's Best Childrens Videographer

When you need a children’s video maker that provides a high quality, bespoke videography service, Proud Daddy Moments is on hand to immortalise those all important memories. 

Browse our online gallery and if we are the right kids video maker for you, get in contact with us by calling 0466726522 or contact us through the contact form available on our website. We look forward to hearing from you.

Proud Daddy Moments specialises in baby photography, baby videography, kid's photography, newborn photography, children's photography and family photography in Melbourne.
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All copyrights to the video is yours. You can use the digital copy for upload on your social channels, or duplicate it to distribute it to friends and family. The video album gives you another way of showing off your child to others when it is not convenient to show bring out a computer or phone.

All copyrights to the video is yours. You can use the digital copy for upload on your social channels, or duplicate it to distribute it to friends and family. The video album gives you another way of showing off your child to others when it is not convenient to show bring out a computer or phone.

What is the difference between Baby Photography and Baby Videography?

Baby Photography will include a photo shoot at either a studio or a location of your choice. A photographer will direct you and your child or family to pose or perform some actions to take the photos.

Many baby photography studios will provide this photography sessions for free. Sometimes they may also give you a small 4X6 print for free. But if you want larger prints or framed prints, or the digital copy, they will charge anything between $25 - $1000 per print, and sometimes more for the digital copy (which may be watermarked with their company name).

A Baby Videography session with Proud Daddy Moments will include a video shoot at your home or location of choice, and at a time that you believe will bring out the best in your child or children.

After the videography session, you will receive a preview video that you can comment on and after taking on board your feedback and making the improvements to the video, you will be provided with a digital copy of your video, which you can use as you please; and a bespoke video album so that you can share the video in social situations where you may not be able to access the video online.


Videography services for kids events like cake smash or birthday parties

Yes, we do provide videography services for parties like cake smash and birthdays. However, do note that our focus is on your child during the event, and not the event itself.

What this means is if there are 10 activities that have been planned or happen during event, and your child only participates in 4 of those activities, we may or may not videograph the other 6 activities.

Turning your beautiful photos into a video presentation

We understand that you may already have done a professional baby photography session, and have a set of beautiful photos; or that you have been collecting well taken photos of your child through the months and years.

We are able to use those photos to make a lovely video presentation for you.


Mid- year SPecial

$650 (RRP $950) for first 10 families to book.

Bringing the best out of your children

Our videographers are parents too, and love working with children; and have done so in various capacities, and we would do our what we can to bring out the best from your children.

However, as with all social relationships, the is no guarantee that your child will respond and interact with us on the day of the video shoot. What we will do in those situations is to have you, the parent, to become more involved in the shoot.

This is a documentary of your child's life, and you are an important part of it. It would only be natural that in capturing this moment in their life, you should be intimately involved.

How much does it cost?


From $950


  • Up to 3 hours shoot at your home or location of your choice
  • 1 X 60sec video portrait of your baby or family
  • Up to 5 stills from the video for Social Media.
  • A video album that you can use to show your friends and family who may not be able to access the video online.

** Special year long coverage packages are also available. Please contact us for a pricing. **


From $950


  • 1 X 60sec video of your child from the photos that you provide
  • A video album that you can use to show your friends and family who may not be able to access the video online.

** You will provide a maximum of 20 photos only. If more photos or a longer video is needed, the cost will vary. **

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