I hate playing with my kids, and that’s okay

Playing with my kids scare me. School holidays and weekends when my wife works, makes me cringe because, “I dread playing with my kids.” Do these feelings make me feel guilty? Absolutely yes! And I am not the only parent to feel this way? Probably not.

So how can we as parents start to enjoy playing with our children again? This blog discovers why it is so important to lover playing with our children, and how…

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Tips for Teaching Cultural Empathy To Children

Our children are growing up in a multi-cultural society, and even if you live in an area without much diversity, at some point in your child’s life, they are going to be in close contact with people of different backgrounds and beliefs.  Cultural empathy will allow them to connect with anyone, regardless of race, religion and culture, and forge solid and lasting relationships with others, be they friends, neighbours or colleagues

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6 activities to get you through school holidays and beyond

Common guys, admit it: having to spend one-on-one time with your child or children scares you! How many things can I find to do with my children? How do I keep them entertained for the 12 hours they are awake and full of beans? What if they get bored of me? What if they don’t like what I want to do with them? Here are some indoor and outdoor activities that will help you fill those holiday hours

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