5 Stereotypes Dads Need To Break Free From


Father’s come in all shapes and sizes but somehow we’ve put them into neat little boxes of how they should act. It’s time for dads to start breaking down the barriers on a few things which society has come to expect of them.

1. Dads can’t cook

There’s no denying that the perception is that mums are Queen of the kitchen. But every Queen needs her King. Studies show that men are cooking in the home more often than ever - from two to five times a week. Dads are holding their own in the kitchen with 16% of them cooking more than 6 times a week.

Whether you have all the cooking reality shows to thank, or the increase in easy recipes to find online there’s one thing that is for sure - this old stereotype is on its way out the door and we won’t miss it.


2. Dads prefer sports

Around Father’s Day it’s pretty typical to find sport related gifts on every corner; from coffee mugs to socks and ties and cards. It’s hard to escape the idea that all dads love sport.

Sure, while many dads are big into their sports and use it to bond with their kids this doesn’t mean they won’t try other activities. Dads can play dolls with their kids just as happily as kicking the ball around after school. Don’t believe us? Just ask.

3. Dads don't do the dirty work

As if going through pregnancy wasn’t enough, once the baby is born mum continues to do the dirty work. Most media outlets report that dads shy away from the stinky chores - like changing nappies. Even celebrities from Matthew McConaughey to Kanye West have said they won’t touch a dirty nappy.

Contrary to what you’ve been told, the changing table is not a scary place. More than 7 in 10 new fathers are already doing away with this silly notion and embracing all the parts of fatherhood. Hopefully the more dads that break this mould the quicker it disappears forever.


4. Dads have to be the ones to work full-time

They haven’t taken over just yet but the stay-at-home dad is on the rise (owner of Proud Daddy Moments can confirm!).

According to government data, 4% of two-parent families have a stay-at-home dad. Mums still had this figure beat with 31% of two-parent families featuring a stay-at-home mum. But it’s increasingly common for both parents to engage in some form of work. In 57% of households both parents did some form of paid work.

What does all this mean? That dads are breaking down the stereotype that they have to work full time and be the only provider for their family.


5. Dads fart the most!

You’d have to ask the greeting card industry why it likes this one so much. Other common card themes are dads barbecuing, drinking beers and being all-round handymen.

While there’s nothing wrong with a dad that does all these things, it’s hard to say where the idea all dads had to be this way comes from. Ditch the BBQ tongs if you prefer a roast, sip on a soda over a beer and perhaps you’ll get to the bottom of where those gassy jokes keep coming from!


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