Happy Fathers Day to all "Dads"

Why is "Dads" in parenthesis?

First of all I am not trying to add to the already loaded debate on Same-Sex Marriage and Marriage equality. I am stating a personal believe that Fatherhood is not a gender/sex specific title, but a role that a person takes up, regardless of sexual orientation.

There are many single moms who have to fulfill the role of both mother and father due to their circumstances, and I am using this opportunity to tip my hat off to them as well.

Now that I've got that out of the way, and hopefully averted a barrage of hate mail and comments, here are my A, B, Cs, on being a dad on this special day that comes around once a year, but does not receive the full-on commercial treatment that mothers day has. (Sing along if you know the song written by Buddy Kaye, Fred Wise, Sidney Lippman, and made famous by Perry Como)

A - You're now an Adult
B - Kids will take your Breath away (literally and metaphorically)
C - You Can (and will) do anything for them

D - it's for Daddy
E - it's Exhausting
F - But it's FUN in many ways.

G - Sleep sounds Good to me
H - Want to Hug them all the time
I - You're the one they Idolize 

J - "Don't Jump off the chair!"
K - "Kiss to make it better?"
L - "I'll always Love you anyway."

M,N,O,P - Must Not Omit your Praises (for your kids)
"Q,T,S,R?" - And find lessons when they make mistakes.

U - U make my life complete
V - An adVenture sweet

This is really just the surface
Of what being a daddy is
And trying to fit it in with the alphabet.

If you think think I can do better with some of the letters, please leave a comment below, or just share your experience of being a father today.

Look forward to reading them.