12 Important Kids Photos or Baby Videos in the First Year

baby photos

Many parents are happy snappers with their children. However, there are some milestones in your child’s life that you really don’t want to miss. So here is my 12 Must-Have kids photography or baby videography moments before your children turns 1 :

1.  Mother’s first cuddle of her child

newborn photography

Most hospitals in Australia have an issue with parents taking photos during the birth, and worst still, a video. Even though you are the parents of the child wanting to document your child’s birth, you need to get permission from the midwifes present, and any other person who needs to take care of the mother and/or the baby.

There are legal issues involved, and honestly, you as the father or partner, would be much better placed being supportive of the mother during what can only be described as the most painful and miraculous process a woman can go through.

So after that 2 – 10 hours of pushing, pain, and then relieve, the moment when the baby is placed onto the woman’s bosoms is truly a magical moment, and should be captured for posterity. It is the moment where the child meets the person whose voice is so familiar for the first time, and it is also the first time a mother can see the face of the baby who has been kicking her for 3 months.

2. Leaving the hospital

baby video of leaving the hospital

If the previous moment belongs to the mother, then leaving the hospital is a father or partner’s moment. While the mother is recovering from childbirth, it is the partner’s role to get the car seat installed, and get the first nappy bag packed.

Most importantly though, it is your child’s first moment out in the world. He or she may be sleeping in a capsule or in the mother’s arms, but it will be the first time the baby is ‘stepping’ into the world; and it is a momentous occasion to capture as a photo or video. It will probably be the first outdoor family photo you will have as well.

Get a friend or family to hold the camera and document this moment.

Or you can find a good documentary baby photography or videography business that will cover all these important moments.

3. First feed at home or first moment at home

baby first moment at home photo or video

Just as leaving the hospital marks the end of one step in your child’s journey, the first feed at home marks the beginning of the next.

Whether you breast feed or bottle feed, it is the moment when all the hustle and bustle of bringing the baby home comes to a stop and you just need to find that quite space to feed the baby. Share that moment as a family and get an intimate video or photo of it.

If it is not feeding time when you get home, enjoy the moment at home as a family in the comfort of your own room... And make sure you get a photo of it.

4. Sleeping

baby sleeping photo

Nothing is cuter then a baby sleeping. I am not talking about the posed photos where the baby is posed in various positions while they sleep, but just a close up shot of your baby’s face as he or she sleeps, bundled in a wrap or sleeping bag. They look so peaceful.

5. Baby Babbling

For the first 2 to 3 months, babies are either quiet, or crying. There comes to a point where they will start to babble ‘speak’ to you. They may be babbling because you are singing to them, reading a story or just talking to them, but that is a moment you want to have as a video, because it is your child’s attempt to communicate in a language he or she is beginning to understand and utter.

6. Holding your finger

baby holding finger photo

Just like a baby’s babble, it is a cognitive milestone when he or she is able to lift his or her little hands and grasp your finger. It is also the beginning of your baby’s use of hands to feel the world. Whether it is their hand holding your finger, or touching your face, it is the start of their ability to use their hands, and using it as a primary tool to touch the world, instead of using their mouths.

7. With siblings (if there is a sibling)

baby with sibling videography

Older Siblings meeting their new brother or sister for the first time is always a special moment. Whether it is a moment where they realise that they are now the older sibling with responsibilities, or realise that they are no longer the only one, there is always a moment where something clicks within them that is worth documenting. And this is something that will change with time, and age, but the first meeting will always be special.

8. With extended family

This can take place almost immediately after the birth or many months down the road due to distance, but the this can be a special moment where new bonds are formed. Regardless of family dynamics, there is always a brief moment in time where everything else fades away, and the baby becomes the focus. Here in this brief moment, there is usually joy, and it is a moment to remember.

9. Rolling over

Baby roll over Videos

Another physical milestone for a baby is the ability to roll over; from this point, your child will figure out how to crawl and eventually walk…. And it all starts with the first roll over.

10. Crawling

kids crawling videography or photography

It takes a whole set of physical and mental capacities to crawl. Coordinating the arms and legs, lifting off the ground, keeping the eyes forward to look out for obstacles, or the destination of choice. While some babies seem to go straight from sitting to cruising, there is usually a window where the crawl is a chief means of getting from point A to B.

11. Furniture Cruising / Toddling

This may or may not happen within the first year, so don’t stress if your child does not reach this milestone within the first year.

But it is a great moment for the parents before realizing that it means that baby is now more mobile than ever, and will get into more things (and trouble) than before. But hey, it is a milestone and one that should be captured on video and photos to add to your baby photo or kid’s video album.

12. First birthday and Cake Smash

cake smash photography videography

Finally, your child is 1 year old. Many parents spend too much for a celebration that their child is too young to remember, and usually too shell shocked with the crowd to enjoy. But it is something that is worth celebrating. More because you have survived the first year.

An activity that is quite popular these days is the cake smash. The truth is, only about 50% of 1 year olds know what to do with a cake, and with 10 to 20 people staring at them expectantly (This statistic is purely anecdotal). So after about 5 to 10 minutes of coxing, children will, maybe, warm up and rip into the cake. Otherwise, it will just be about 5 to 10 minutes of crying.

Regardless of whether the child smashes the cake, or the parents doing it for the child, or the child just cries through the proceedings, it is worth giving it a go. If you know that your child has a shy personality, it would be best to do the cake smash separate from the main party; make it a private affair, so that they will be more comfortable, and you will increase your chances of actually getting a great cake smash ‘party’.


So this is my list of the 12 most important milestones to capture on photo or video for your child before they are one. Have I missed anything? Do you agree with all of them? Share your thoughts.