Children's portrait photos are a great keepsake, but   VIDEOS help you remember and share those special moments and bring them to life.


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What is Children's Videography?

You have been thinking about getting professionally taken photos for your child or children. Children's Videography is a lot like children's photography, but it goes beyond a snap shot of your child.

Proud Daddy Moments takes children's photography to the next level by capturing not just beautiful images, but the atmosphere, sounds, and natural behaviours of your child in a video that you can share and help you remember the moments in perfect clarity, now and in the future.

Baby Videography is a about creating a keepsake and an audio-visual time capsule of your children, or family for ever.
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Children's Photography Melbourne

Children’s portrait photography is a perfect way to uniquely capture the beauty and innocence of your child in a way that will give you a treasured keepsake and special memories to hold on to forever. The importance of capturing these special moments in your little one’s life cannot be underestimated as time moves by too quickly and the patter of tiny feet doesn’t stay around for too long. 

These images can also create a photographic legacy that can be passed on to your children, their children and their children’s children. For this reason, it is so important that you choose the right Melbourne children’s photography service and this is where proud Daddy Moments has a vital role to play in creating these treasured memories for you.

Joyful & Timeless Art by Professional Children's Photographers

Proud Daddy Moments provides the best children’s photography Melbourne service and we have worked with children of all ages in a huge variety of settings and locations in the city and beyond.

Whether you want us to capture a special birthday, milestone occasion or you would like to book a portrait photo shoot session, Proud Daddy Moments will deliver the kind of service and images that you’d expect from the best children’s photographer in Melbourne

Proud Daddy Moments’, children’s photographers in Melbourne have worked with children for many years. We know how to work with little ones to ensure that they have fun and are comfortable enough to produce the kind of joyful and timeless art that their parents are hoping to get. 

Children's Photography - How It Works

We can come to your home to take your children’s portraits in Melbourne because we believe your child/children will be more comfortable and relaxed in their own surroundings, or you can take the portraits in  relaxing studio. 

We’ve a list of proud parents who came to us for their session and we’ve a list of proud parents who chose to shoot on location. All parents were satisfied with our children photography Melbourne service so where we shoot depends on your personal preference. 

If you’re looking for a photographer for children in Melbourne that also offers videography, Proud Daddy Moments can also provide you with that service. As a  Melbourne children’s photographer, the portraits and video that we take last forever and they are the perfect way to capture a moment in time within your child’s life.

Why Choose Us for Children Photography?

When you are choosing a service for children's photography in Melbourne, it may seem like there is an overwhelming list of choices. In fact, if you really care about getting the best result, there really is only one choice.

Proud Daddy is without question the best children's photographer in Melbourne. It's not a claim that can be made lightly, and it's certainly not being made lightly.

Proud Daddy is a professional photography business that is completely dedicated to children's photography and videography. It's all we do, so we're really very good at it.

Choosing a photographer to work with children isn't like choosing any other kind of photographer. Only those who have experience working with children and who possess the special skill set to it properly should even be in contention.

These skills are not optional, they are essential. You should never hire a photographer who does other kinds of photography and merely includes children's photography as an afterthought on their list of additional services.

The essential skills a children's photographer needs to have is a fairly extensive list, and it is vital that none of them can be left out. What is required includes:

  • Total safety consciousness and situational awareness at all times.
  • Professionalism and integrity.
  • A sense of fun. Having the ability to keep kids entertained.
  • A calming and soothing personality. An ability to console and comfort.
  • Excellent photography skills.
  • Good technology.

What you will probably have noticed is the above items are listed in order of their importance. You may also notice that of the six essential criteria, camera skills and technology are listed last.

While the other skills are considered to be more important, it doesn't mean the last two are not important. That's why they're still included as essential skills, because hiring a photographer with no photography skills or photographic technology wouldn't make a lot of sense.

Children's Photography - How much does it cost?

Proud Daddy is the Melbourne children's photographer with all these attributes and more, including fantastically affordable rates, videography services on request, and very reasonable terms of service.

Photo shoots conducted by Proud Daddy are operated with full safety awareness and proper child supervision throughout the duration. We also endeavour to ensure that the children find the experience enjoyable and engaging.

It is vitally important to avoid the onset of boredom when children are doing portrait photography.

One thing you will know as a parent is that kinds don't especially enjoy keeping still, yet keeping still is often required in photography. Knowing how to get kids to want to be still is an art, and very few photographers know the secret.

We believe that children’s photography in Melbourne should be affordable for all parents and we offer a range of children’s portrait packages to suit all budgets. You can see more about our pricing here. 

Need Children Photographer? Get in Touch With Us Today

In every way you could think of, Proud Daddy is the best choice you can make for children's photography in Melbourne. If you would like more information on our services or you would like to schedule a photo session, get in contact with us by leaving your details on our contact page or by calling us on 0466726522. 

We look forward to working with you and your children to capture those special moments in your lives.

Proud Daddy Moments specialises in baby photography, baby videography, kid's photography, newborn photography, children's photography and family photography in Melbourne.
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What makes
Proud Daddy Moments

  • We are a dedicated baby videography service, with a background in Video-art and Documentary
  • We find stories and document lives
  • While we can do photography, we find video documentaries a whole lot more enriching and satisfying.
  • The copyrights to the video is yours to keep, and we will not hold you ransom for more copies or if you want a digital file. All we ask is for your permission to use the videos to promote our service to others like you.
  • We will provide you with a beautiful video album of the video that you can use to share the video with your friends and family without a computer.
The Video album