Newborn photos are a cute keepsake but   VIDEOS help you remember and share those special moments and bring them to life.


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What is Newborn Photography?

You have been thinking about getting professionally taken newborn photos. Newborn Videography is a lot like newborn photography, but it goes beyond a snap shot of your child.

Proud Daddy Moments takes newborn photography to the next level by capturing not just beautiful images, but the atmosphere, sounds, and natural behaviours of you and your newborn in a video that you can share and help you remember the moments in perfect clarity, now and in the future.

Newborn Videography is a about creating a keepsake and an audio-visual time capsule of your child for ever.
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Newborn Photography Melbourne

Having professional portrait shots of your newborn baby is a perfect way to capture the beauty, innocence and tininess of your new addition. The newborn stage of your child’s life is surely one of the shortest and it won’t be long before your little baby becomes an infant and loses that just born adorability. 

Capturing this brief stage of your baby’s life is so important and this is why hiring the services of a newborn photographer in Melbourne has become so popular. 

There are many companies out there offering newborn photography Melbourne services but you need to be sure that you hire a newborn baby photographer in Melbourne that has the expertise as well as the experience to create beautiful and lasting shots of your newborn. 

Proud Daddy Moments is a Melbourne newborn photographer that is committed to providing the very best in newborn portrait photography to all of our clients.

Experienced Newborn Photographer, Professional Service, Quality Images

To capture the best newborn portraits in Melbourne, we recommend that you have your photo shoot take place within the first four weeks after birth. 

This is because your newborn baby is likely to spend much of his or her time asleep during this period, allowing us to place your little bundle of joy in a variety of poses, which makes for some very cute and adorable portrait shots.

But the best shots for a newborn portrait is the one that is spent with you – the parent. Your touch, your caress, feeding, skin-to-skin moments are what you would do naturally, and brings joy to both baby and mother or father. That connection can now be captured and remembered beyond your memory, and shared with everyone. 

Newborn Photo Shoots & Portraits

You can choose to have your newborn photography shoot take place in a  professional photography studio or within the comfort of your own home – whichever you prefer. Our newborn photographers Melbourne encourage you to bring along little possessions belonging to your newborn whether that’s a special blanket or a much-loved soft toy. 

At Proud Daddy Moments we want to capture the memories of your newborn in a way that will bring a smile to your face in years to come.

We understand that the newborn stage of your baby’s life is so important to capture and in just the right way. This is why we are proud to be a trusted Melbourne newborn photography service that offers you a way to remember their tiny fingers, tiny toes and all their unique little newborn features through the creation of stunning portrait shots.

Record the magic of a very special day

There's nothing quite like the birth of a new baby, is there? It is such an exciting time, with so many things happening, and right in the centre of all the action is the star of the show. Everyone wants to meet that cute little baby and make a good first impression.

With all the drama and excitement, it could be really easy to overlook something. One thing you definitely won't want to overlook is photographs.

Something you always need to check

One of the difficulties with hiring a professional photographer is that you'll normally need to book well in advance of the day, however babies have a tendency to not stick to a schedule.

So the first thing expecting Melbourne parents should do when deciding to hire a professional newborn photographer in Melbourne is to make sure that the photographer actually has some experience when it comes to working with newborns.

Why you need Proud Daddy as your photographer

Proud Daddy is just such a photographer. Our business is all about kids, babies, and newborns, so we know what we're doing. That single statement alone should be enough to set your mind at rest.

The problem with the less experienced or unknowledgeable practitioners who are merely dabbling in newborn photography in Melbourne is there's a lot of information they need to know that they won't know. That's not just creating a risk that your photos won't turn out well. It's potentially a danger for your baby.

You should never select a photographer who offers newborn photography just as an afterthought, tacked onto a long list of other photography services. You need a photographer like Proud Daddy who specializes in kids photography.

How it makes a difference is that photographers like Proud Daddy understand that when it comes to photographing newborns, safety has to be the number one priority.

Just as importantly, they know exactly how to conduct that newborn photo shoot perfectly. It takes time, dedication, and experience to learn all these skills correctly. You'd think it would just be a matter of common sense, wouldn't you? But no, when it comes to the safety of newborn babies, uncommon sense is what's needed.

Better because we work harder

Proud Daddy offers the optimal newborn baby photography package to provide you with beautiful high quality images and optional videography available as well.

Choosing to hire Proud Daddy as your newborn photography specialist is a decision you will never regret. You are getting the best in every sense, and you'll have the photos to prove it.

Book Your Newborn Photo Shoot Today

If you would like to avail of the best newborn photography in Melbourne so that you can be the proud owner of some beautiful portrait shots of your newborn baby, get in contact with us today. 

You can do so by leaving your details on our online contact form or you can give us a call on 0466726522. You can also contact us directly through Facebook Messenger.

Get in touch with us today to schedule your newborn baby photography Melbourne photo session. Capturing this all too short fragment of your baby’s life is just a phone call or email away!

Proud Daddy Moments specialises in baby photography, baby videography, kid's photography, newborn photography, children's photography and family photography in Melbourne.
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What makes
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  • We are a dedicated baby videography service, with a background in Video-art and Documentary
  • We find stories and document lives
  • While we can do photography, we find video documentaries a whole lot more enriching and satisfying.
  • The copyrights to the video is yours to keep, and we will not hold you ransom for more copies or if you want a digital file. All we ask is for your permission to use the videos to promote our service to others like you.
  • We will provide you with a beautiful video album of the video that you can use to share the video with your friends and family without a computer.
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